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MMEW Group: PS4 vs PS5

The new generation of consoles has finally arrived and right at the helm is Sony’s very new and flashy console, the PS5. The console wars have been going on for the past decade between Microsoft’s XBox series and Sony’s Playstation, but there’s no denying that Sony’s incredible technology beats it to the pulp in terms of first-party games.

But not just a couple of months ago, the Sony Playstation 4 was the peak console in terms of power and speed times. Today, it’s really hard delineating the two from each other for how similar the technology is. 

So, MMEW Group will give you insight into the biggest differences between a PS4 and PS5 and if the latter is worth buying right now. 

The harsh truth about the law of diminishing returns

Before the age of modern video game technology became what it is today, the war of graphical fidelity in video game consoles was the rage back then. Even to this date, there are still people who take so much interest in looking at the most intricate details of a system’s graphical capacity. 

In the 80s, the Nintendo Entertainment system was born. It is one of Nintendo’s first success systems coming from purely a card industry that almost bankrupted them. The NES was regarded as a tech marvel despite it being ancient today, and people rave for a better graphical output already which is absurd if you think about it. 

For a time that was dominated by Atari’s very primitive graphics, the NES was already a technological revolution but still, people are looking for an alternative for a better-looking system. 

Here came Sega which made their own gaming mascot to rival Nintendo’s Italian plumber named Mario. Sonic the Hedgehog’s first game was showcased in Sega’s very first console called the Master System. The Sega Master System boasts of having more colours and better data integration that is deemed to be more powerful than Nintendo’s brick of a system. 

However, Sega didn’t stop there, and its real mark in the industry started when they decided to release Genesis. It became the next generation of consoles at that time, sporting a 32-bit system that runs games much better and more beautifully. 

This didn’t stop Nintendo, of course, as they released a similar system that rivals that of Sega called the Super Nintendo. 

The point is, the war between consoles didn’t stop and went on and on from the N64 and Sony’s Playstation; XBox and Sony’s Playstation 3, and now the XBox Series X and Playstation 5. 

It became so competitive to a point that graphical fidelity became something the market is focusing more on. While it’s great for games to look great, it’s still important to innovate somewhere else aside from the graphical output that sadly has very little effect from generation to generation, especially in today’s 9th generation of consoles.

This law is called the diminish marginal returns in which every time something is added, like a feature, the better the integration is, the smaller and minute the changes appear to be. 

In the case of Sony’s PS4 and PS5, this is the perfect example for such law since the differences between the two graphically are so minute to a point that buying a PS4 is going to be better for the value it has in the market being the older console. 

Regardless, there are still some differences that make the PS5 much more attractive for gamers in the world to acquire at some point in time.

The differences between the PS4 and PS5 

To state the stark differences between the two consoles, it’s best to put them in categories to help identify the said difference more prominently to know exactly what they are: 


While the PS5 certainly has better graphics, there is a reason why that’s the case. Believe it or not, it’s almost impossible to spot the differences if not looking closely. The chipset for the PS4 is custom-built hardware that is made to utilise the graphical capacity of the console. 

It is sporting an AMD 8-core CPU that’s integrated into the system, specifically to run the hardware and is based on the x86 architecture. The later models of the PS4 like the Pro version have greater clock speeds of up to 2.13 GHz. 

The jump from PS3 to PS4 is massive, but the road to having PC graphics with RTX series chipsets is almost impossible to achieve unless it’s the distant future.

On the other hand, the PS5 is boasting another custom system that’s similar to AMD Zen 2. Graphics are slightly bumped to accommodate higher refresh rates and clearer image quality, but the biggest upgrade it has that’s been showcased a lot during its marketing campaign is its SSD harddrive. 

This makes it so that the load times when going from different parts of the maps in a particular game is very fast for the gamer. It gives players seamless transitions from area to area in a given game, or faster loading screen times when entering a Call of Duty War Zone party room. 

It literally takes seconds to boot up a wide area of algorithms, and the gamer is heavily benefited because of it. Aside from the better graphics, the faster load times are the biggest differences the PS5 has over its predecessors, especially the PS4.


Perhaps the most interesting upgrade that nobody saw coming was the haptic feedbacks integrated into the unique Dual-sense controllers of the PS5. Like the Nintendo Switch Joy Cons but much more robust, the PS5 Dual-sense controller has intricate vibrations that will coincide with the game’s context. 

This is best tested in the PS5’s free game that comes with the system when bought, Astro’s Playroom. When playing, you’re controlling a small robot in different terrains where you can feel every weather condition set by the game’s beautiful art style. 

The game is completely free and is meant to showcase what the controller is all about. Compared to the predecessor, the Dual-shock controllers, the feedback you get in specific areas of the game is nothing compared to the PS5’s latest controller setup. 

DLSS and Ray-Tracing 

Possibly the best part about the PS5 that provides so much value for customers is the backward compatibility of older PS4 games. But it doesn’t stop right there, most PS4 games, especially those that have closer release dates only provide a 30 frames per seconds cap in most of the games. 

When inserting a PS4 game inside the PS5 hardware, you have the option of updating the software of the said game and the next time you boot up the PS4 disc inside a PS5, you’re going to cap at 60 frames per second with a maximum resolution of 4k to 1440p. 

Games like Shadow of the Colossus, Nathan Drake Collection, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider will not only look more incredible but also run very smoothly. At this point, there is no point in buying a PS4 since the PS5 can make your games look better.

On top of that, you also get the obvious exclusive PS5 games that will stack up as time goes by, and already, great games are coming out left and right. Notable mentions are the new Spider-man Miles Morales game, Ratchet and Clank, and the best version of Resident Evil Village. 

Is it worth buying a PS5 now? 

It’s hard to recommend PS5 after only being released for less than a year. However, if you haven’t gotten yourself a PS4 yet and want to try the games for the first time, then it’s worth buying a PS5 right now since the PS4 library will immediately look and run better in the newer system. 

The price may be a huge factor when deciding to buy right now but Sony is famous for giving discounts to their systems 2-3 years down the new system’s lifespan. So, if you are in a hurry of playing PS5 games, which are already really scarce to begin with, then by all means buy a PS5 now.

But if you are interested in playing PS4 games and can’t find any reason to play Spider-man Miles Morale and Ratchet and Clank right now, then buying a second-hand PS4 is the best value for your buck. A PS4 Pro is a model you want for your home, and it can play every PS4 game really well, albeit not as smoothly as the PS5. 

Its only major difference goes to the pricing which is a huge margin for most people. 

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